To all the 'dusty boot' soldiers who trod the roads and trails of this twenty-four year odyssey with me. They were Patriots and Heroes all, and I salute them.

24 Years of Improbable but True Tales of Service in Uncle Sam's Army


Praise for A Dusty Boot Soldier Remembers . . .

"Larry did one hell of a job presenting his life in the military.  This book should be required reading for all young officers."

Butch Cicatko, Master Sergeant USAF (Retired)


"An easy read with enough humor it is never boring.  Your book is fun!  I could not remember half of what happened in the 1960s"

Widow of Army Officer


Fort Devens, MA, ROTC Summer Camp, 1961

8th Special Forces Group, Exercise Seabreeze-Savage Trade, Salinas Army Training Center, Puerto Rico, 1967


"Colonel Redmond is a soldier's soldier.  'Dusty Boots' is about Duty, Honor and Country.  It is about doing what is right.  It is without ego.  Highly Recommended."

Jim Mowery, Colonel USA (Retired)


"What an adventure!  Well written and entertaining this is a great read for anyone interested in modern history.  Reading this book feels like sitting down for a beer with an old friend."

Patricia Skiendziel, Civilian


"The author has captured life in the military . . . a wonderful read for anyone who has or is currently serving our nation."

Dwight Lee, Colonel USA (Retired)

Read your book….First and foremost it’s not like 90% of the bios that I have read, i.e. It is not an ‘ego trip;’ Very honest and refreshing.”
Jim Lindsay, General, USA, (Retired)

"Fantastic read!!  Good story that can be related to.  I plan to share it with some 'old salts' who will relate to it also."

Jeff Simonet, US Navy

Award Ceremony, Duc Pho, Vietnam, Army Commendation Medal for Service with the 8th Special Forces Group